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Our Excellent student's voice 合格おめでとうございます!       
Neha Sharmaさん  N1 passed 

 It brings me great confidence and joy when I think that I managed to clear the most difficult language exam for foreigners in Japan. All the credit goes to my wonderful teachers at JLPT Academy!

 Clearing an exam requires preparation and hard work but most importantly it requires right coaching and mentoring. Nozawa-sensei and Tamegai-sensei were instrumental in my successful journey from JLPT N4 to N1.

 They helped me identify and work on my strengths while improving the areas I wasn’t confident about. The course material was very detailed and effective and encouraged me to prepare in a very planned and focused manner. I will definitely recommend this Academy to anyone who wants to crack JLPT! Heartfelt thanks for being with me at every step of this journey!


Mickaelさん  N2 passed
 Make no mistake about it. This is not a miracle course that guarantees your success. What it is, however, is a structured guideline that will discipline you into studying adequately for the test. Most of my studying was done outside of the classroom,with the actual course acting as a reviewing tool. The teachers will most definitely put you on the spot, which, I think, is the key to bettering your Japanese (or any) language skills. Highly recommended.                         

Anaさん   N2 Passed
This is an excellent intensive course for the upper-intermediate students who is looking for a well-structured prep course. The teachers are excellent and are always ready with a smile and an answer. This is time demanding, so be prepared to adjust your working schedule to properly prepare for every class and ask questions.              

Khổng Cảnhさん  N3 passed
 When I first came to class, my level was about N5-N4. I couldn't even fully understand what my teacher said. But after 10 lessons, I was given a lot of exercises and practices, which were very good for me. Gradually I can basically communicate in Japanese and passed the N3 test thanks to the course. I had to struggle with N3 grammar and listening at first but I really got accustomed to through time and I am really glad that I can use basic Japanese now

Simon Freeさん  N1 passed
 I tried studying on my own to pass the N1 level of the JLPT, however it wasn't working. I found that textbooks didn't give me the right skills to tackle the JLPT. Having failed the JLPT twice before, I decided to enroll in a Japanese class at JLPT Academy. I am extremely happy with the instruction and support I received from my teacher. My class was catered around my weaknesses, and I was able to gain a better understanding of what I needed to do to pass. With the help of the JLPT Academy, I passed N1 this year. I could not have done it without their guidance and support. I strongly recommend JLPT Academy to anyone who is struggling to pass or will be attempting to pass the JLPT.

  EMさん N1 passed
 I think there are not many good schools to study Japanese language in Tokyo, especially for JLPT preparation and that too on weekends. At JLPT academy, the courses are well structured towards JLPT preparation and class room time is used very efficiently. Teachers here keep their students challenged and focused towards their goal. If you are serious and dedicated towards JLPT goal then this is the right place to study.

  Joseph Youngさん  N2 passed  
 I consider the instruction I received at JLPT Academy to be a worthy investment. JLPT Academy helped structure my study towards the specifics of the New Japanese Language Proficiency Test and taught me test-taking strategy that greatly contributed to me receiving a satisfactory result on the JLPT exam. JLPT Academy features small class sizes with professional, attentive, knowledgeable instructors. As a busy professional, their evening and weekend class schedules were able to accommodated my work schedule. I credit JLPT Academy with my passing JLPT N2.
I greatly enjoyed my study at JLPT Academy and look forward to working with them as I prepare for JLPT N1.

Sarahさん  N5 passed
 I am in Japan since one and half year and I have never studied Japanese before. Since I am in Japan, I found a real need to study the language. First, I tried to learn by myself and then took some classes at our institute, but I could not really manage to keep up. I have an extremely busy work schedule and Japanese was not at the top of my priorities even if I needed it in some aspects of my work. However, in only 10 weeks with the JLPT Academy teachers my level in Japanese incredibly improved. I can now speak and write emails in Japanese. The teachers are very professional and at the same time very close to their students. They adapt to the needs of each student and help them strengthen their weaknesses. It was as well a wonderful human experience that I would be happy to continue.    

Michel.Cさん   N4 passed
 My level was less than N5 before I join JLPT ACADEMY. But I could pass N4 after studying only for 10weeks. I haven't dreamt of passing N4 this time.
But JLPT ACADEMY enabled me to pass it. Because Teachers are professional and attentive !
They motivated me to study hard to reach at my goal.  I highly recommend JLPT ACADEMY to you for yourself.    

                   "We will do our best to guide our students to pass the JLPT"
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