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JLPT  ACADEMY               Near Takebashi & Otemachi Station   

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We design an individualized curriculum to fit your goals and approach to learning Japanese.
Please contact us for a free counseling and a level check by our professional Japanese teacher

Level & Target
From beginner to advanced.   From N5 to N1.
Target example: You can focus on one of these or mix or switch based on your progress
●Prepration for the JLPT  ●Daily conversation ●Writing Skills 
●Business Japanese ●General Japanese ●Japanese for job hunting


Platform Square private room near Otemachi-station  
         Map(OUR PLACE)
    ※Private room 

【Ⅱ】YOUR PLACE ( Dispatched Lesson)

    we will travel to your chosen location  

(for 1person)※1 lesson is 90minutes
Place Tuition Fee  
Our Place / Your Place 7,600 yen  +tax

■No registration Fee
■Your place: Actual cost of transportation between Otemachi and the class location will be added.
■Textbook fee/Material fee not included.

<Our Place>
1 Person (1lesson=90minutes)   
Course 1 Lesson Total
04 lessons 7,600yen(+tax) 30,400yen(+tax) 
20 lessons 7,500yen (+tax)  150,000yen(+tax)

○1 Person (1lesson=150minutes)

Course 1 Lesson Total
04 lessons 12,670yen(+tax) 50,680yen(+tax) 
20 lessons 12,520yen  (+tax) 250,400yen(+tax)

○2Person (1lesson=90minutes)   
Course 1 Lesson Total
04 lessons 10,000yen(+tax) 40,000yen(+tax)
20 lessons
9,800yen(+tax) 196,000yen(+tax)

Pay tuition fees via bank transfer 5days before your classes start.

Cancelation Policy
■Lessons can be rescheduled up until 6pm the day before. After this time, charges will apply.

How to get started
■Contact us by e-mail
■Attend an interview
・Assess of your Japanese level and discuss your goals
■Course customization based on your level and needs
■Pay tuition Fee via bank transfer
■Start your lesson


Lesson hours for JLPT Preparation
Your Present Level Your target  Required Lesson hours (example) 
N5 Passed N4 Pass  30hours-50hours
N4 Passed N3 Pass 35hours-60hours 
N3 Passed N2 Pass  40hours-100hours 
N2 Passed N1 Pass  40hours-80hours 

We suggest you study once a week at our place and make time to do your assignments at
home the other days. 1lesson is from 90minutes. We recommend you study 2.5hours per lesson
to do lots of execises.

We can formulate a curriculum to meet the needs of each individual person and firm

Japanese Course for new comers to Japan (20hours)
The fastest and easiest way to learn basic language phrases and etiquette.
You become able to cope with various situations in daily life shortly after arrival in Japan and enjoy simple communication with Japanese people.


Dairy Conversation (Beginner level)
Focus is on conversation, but you will also learn how to read and write in Hiragana,Katakana and Kanji

・Become able to give your date of birth when asked for it at the city hall etc. for proof of your identity.

・Become able to ask a friend questions and / or answer questions about simple information, such as   what one is going to do and what one is going to eat during weekend and a special holiday, for   example, New Year.

・Become able to ask questions to the station employee, for example, about how to get to the
   destination, how to  ride the train.

・Become able to ask a neighbor which day of the week one can dispose of a certain kind of garbage    while actually showing it to the neighbor at the apartment's garbage collection site, and understand     the answer if the neighbor answers clearly, and simply.

You become able to try N5 after completing the course.


We can formulate a curriculum to meet the needs of each individual person and firm
This lesson is For those who want to improve their general Japanese knowledge.
Wide choice of elective lessons from beginner’s level to advanced level



In order to meet your various requirements, We develop the most effective course based on your needs and skill level.     
<The Japanese ability and business manners needed to work smoothly

  • Business conversation (treatment expression etc)
  • Business Writing (internal / external)
  • E-mail writing
  • Newspaper Reading Comprehension (current events) & discussion  
  • Presentation basics
  • Preparation for BJT(Business Japanese Proficiency Test)    

    <For Job Hunting>We teach only basic manner.
  • How to write a CV(Motivation letter, Self-promotion letter)
  • Interview manner
  • Basic E-mail  
  • Newspaper Reading Comprehension (current events)   



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〒101-0054 東京都千代田区神田錦町3-21 千代田プラットフォームスクウェア

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