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  《JLPT N3 Preparation Course 2019》
  Our professional teachers will guide you to pass JLPT N3.
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  ■ April-Sunday JLPT N3 Preparation Class  10times
     We study 4 subujects Grammar/Reading/Kanji/Vocabular
For thoes who has passed N4 or the same level, and can read about 200-300 kanji.
 Learning Contents  Day and Time  Tuition Fee
Reading strategy
Vocabulary and Kanji
Practice tests
●Sunday 13:00-17:20
21st April
      ~30th June 2019

※5th May no class

※Additional expenses related to the classe;textbooks and materials cost about 6,000yen

■The class is for persons who understand English. Instructors seldom use English during class.
     But some explanation on our materials is written in English.

 ■Our lesson covers Grammar,Reading,Kanji and Vocabulary.
    As for Listening, we tell you how to study it by yourself to pass JLPT. 

    The instructor will explain the meaning and the usage of N3 Grammar during the class.

    We hope that you will be able to enjoy reading.
    Let's get used to reading texts,essays,fictions etc of around 150-550 characters and answer the questions.

    We will explain how to study it by yourself.
 ■The instructor teach you the characteristics of the JLPT N3,the language knowledge and the answering     techniques.

 ■We use a textbook on the market and our original print.

 ■You are given mock exam in the middle and at the end of the course in order to assess your acheivement.

 ■Everytime we give homework.
    Study once a week at our place and make time to do your assignments at home the other days.  
    Practice are the keys to pass the JLPT. Our experienced instructors are willing to help you in any possible     way.

Class Size 2-5 persons
・Applications will be closed as soon as it is filled  
・We are sorry that we can't open our class for 1person.

Please reserve our free trial lesson (=level check+ consultation) 


N3 Grammar Lesson by JLPT ACADEMY

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 PLATFORM SQUARE3-21 Kanda nishikicho,Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0054
 ※Near Otemachi station or Takebashi station

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